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An interactive map of intelligent traffic technology applied in today’s environment.

This app outlines the transport challenges faced by infrastructure operators today. It demonstrates how Clearview Intelligence solutions can help tackle tricky areas and maximise the efficiency of the road network.

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Our Solutions

Reduce Congestion
Stop congestion before it even starts. Our congestion solutions equip road operators with the right information so journeys can be made swiftly and easily.

Enhance Safety
Reduce incidents and improve driver experience. Our safety solutions give drivers, pedestrians and other road users advance warning of potential hazards in the road.

Improve Predictability
Make more than educated guesses about the activity on your network. Our predictability solutions provide intelligence to road users and road operators about traffic flow conditions.

Transform Behaviour
Improve journeys by providing positive choices that underpin each and every one of them. Our behaviour solutions deliver the right intelligence to the right people.

Optimise Parking
Parking capacity is a valuable asset. Our parking solutions gather intelligence to inform operators and guide users, to improve efficiency and the user experience.