Klarifi Helps Sales Teams To Sell More

Ingenico is the market leader in payment terminals, but our portfolio is far wider than great hardware and, taken together, far more valuable to our customers. The Klarifi platform has helped us to show customers and prospects how, taken together, our technologies and services can really transform their business. Our people are now equipped to tell a consistent, jargon-free story and to show our clients, prospects, partners and colleagues visually how we add value and what lies ahead. Better still, because Klarifi is driven by a content management system, it never goes out of date and our Marketing teams can keep it constantly relevant and up to the minute.”

Ian Benn, Managing Director, Ingenico Northern Europe.

How Does It Do That?

Klarifi brings your story and your proposition to life thanks to a robust and proven consultancy process, and a powerful, interactive, delivery platform. Equip your people to tell a consistent story and leave no opportunity “on the table”.

3 Minute Klarifi Overview:

Book an Online Demo with one of our Co-Founders to understand the process, the platform, how our subject matter experts and designs teams work, and see some live demos.

<strong>Rick O'Neill, FRSA</strong>Creative & Digital Expert.<strong>Owen Ashby</strong>Marketing Strategy Expert.<strong>Paul Bevan</strong>Marketing Consultant.<strong>Andrea Ashby</strong>Account Manager.<strong>Saffron Small</strong>Communications Expert.<strong>Simon McFarlane</strong>Senior Developer.<strong>Denise Pope</strong>Senior Creative.

What Kind Of Results Are Klarifi Clients Seeing?

One Klarifi client, Clearview Intelligence, launched their ‘Smart City’ Klarifi App at the Intertraffic Trade Show in Amsterdam. They printed and shipped 500 collateral packs. In 6 hours of the show opening they had a call from the stand team to ask if we could re-print and ship some more as they’d already run out.

Clearview saw a massive 49% increase in qualified leads at the show . That’s 219 leads, many of which are worth well over £1/2 million each. Additionally, on the strength of this new approach, this one event generated a “Smart Parking” order with a UK Airport, the first phase of which is worth over £500K. This puts the project ROI at over 1900% based on just that one project win!!.

So How Does It Work?

We have industrialised the process of complex communications consultancy, and bespoke information design, and have built a powerful, interactive, flexible, multi-device platform to deliver the results!

Each Klarifi is delivered within a 6 to 8 week timeframe, and our process is designed to deliver maximum value, with minimum impact on your time.

Our Klarifi consultants keep you fully informed from the initial workshop through to deployment, and our support team are here for you from the moment you launch.

How Is Klarifi Used?


Make it easy for everyone to understand. Bring your ideas and messages to life with an integrated and multi-channel approach. Increase recall and recognition - People retain images. Simplify complex ideas and communications. Put things into context for people so they understand.


Training Tools

What’s the best way to help people learn, understand and remember? 60% of people are visual learners, so they learn from what they see. 20% of people learn by “doing” and 20% of people learn by listening. Klarifi is visual and interactive and can be integrated with learning media of all types.

Bids & Tenders

Show how your proposed solution will work in practice. Make your proposal “come to life” for your prospects and clients. Stand out from the crowd and make your proposition highly engaging and interactive. Help your prospects to understand by linking back to supporting evidence.

Sales Tools

Sales are easier when it’s a two-way conversation. Help your sales team to explain a complicated product, service or proposition. Help your customers to understand your offering more quickly and more easily. Organise your product or service information and collateral in a consistent, logical and engaging format.


Show Me!

The best way to experience Klarifi for the first time is through a live Web Demo with one of our Co-Founders. We will talk you through some recent projects, show you some live demos of the Klarifi App in action, and answer any questions you might have.


Recent Klarifi Projects